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KissyM™ 2-in-1 Magic Lash-Glue Liner

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KissyM™ 2-in-1 Magic Lash-Glue Liner

Put your liner on and lock your falsies into place only with this 2-in-1 magic lash-glue liner!

This liquid liner offers both the functionality of eyeliner and lash glue which conveniently knocks out two steps at once from your routine. It lets you define your eyes with an elegant lining while leaving a sticky, mess-free film for your falsies to hold on with just a stroke. Providing you a striking eye makeup look with much more seamless finish unlike when using separate eyeliner and adhesives. This 2-in-1 liquid eyeliner comes with a slim brush head that glides smoothly and neatly with precision at all times. It also provides a lightweight and ergonomically structured gold-plated body for better gripping and control.  

The versatile lash-glue liner adopts an impressive adhesiveness that can anchor any lash strip style all day long in any weather conditions. It even offers a superior waterproof performance that can withstand rain, sweat, and endless crying sessions without smudging or fading. Simply shake the lash glue liner first, draw a line across the eyelids, apply your false eyelashes, wait for a quick second to dry off and done. What’s more? It is formulated with premium ingredients that can be applied daily without causing eye discomfort, irritations, or lash damages. 

Eliminate the tedious step out of your makeup routine and use this 2-in-1 magic lash-glue liner!


  • 2-in-1 Function
    A versatile eye defining liquid liner cosmetic that comes with an additional functionality of a lash glue. It successfully leaves a fine and neat line of ‘sticky’ coat effortlessly onto your eyelids for your falsies to adhere on. Resulting you with a stunning eye makeup style with a much more seamless finish thanks to its natural-looking eyeliner adhesive. Saving you from the time-consuming process of applying magnetics or messy glues then another coat of eyeliner anymore! 

  • All Day Long Performance
    This lash glue liner promotes a strong adhesive power that can anchor any lash strip style all throughout the day and night. Preventing your faux eyelashes from slipping or making a single move even when a strong wind blows or as you move excessively around. No worries as this lash glue liner provides a fast film formation so you can quickly adhere your falsies as soon as you apply the eye liquid. Moreover, it has impressive waterproof qualities that can withstand all liquid exposure, including tears, sweat, rain, and water. Allowing your liner to stay flawlessly rich in color without smudging or clumping for a prolonged period.  

  • Easy Application
    The magic 2-in-1 liner can be applied in no time just like your regular eyeliner with no more mixing needed for the adhesiveness to work. Simply line the liquid onto your lids depending on your style, apply your false eyelashes on while it's still wet, then wait for it to quickly dry and you're good to go. No more second coating or the need to wait for a long time for the liquid to cure. You can create various looks and winged style with a slender and delicate look by gently brushing and pressing harder for a more thickened, colored look.  

  • Ergonomic Design
    The 2-in-1 eyeliner is ultimately light and it comes in a luxe gold-plated body, designed with dazzling beads and glitter patterns. It can be gripped comfortably and securely with ease for maximum maneuverability. This lash-glue liner also offers a nice liquid consistency that easily glides a fine, even layer in just a swift brush. Additionally, it adopts an ultra-thin tip that enables you to apply mess-free with great precision even on hard-to-reach areas of your lash line. You can use it as well as an eyeliner alone without it ruining or interfering with your makeup look.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, skin-friendly gentle formulation with excellent self-adhesiveness and color richness. It can be used daily without causing harm to the lashes or experiencing irritations, itchiness, and eye discomforts. Furthermore, this lash glue liner does not contain any toxic, strong odors and can be removed easily with any makeup remover.


  • Color: #1 - Black / #2 - Diamond / #3 - Pink / #4 - Crystal Pink /  #5 - Crystal Blue


  • 1 x KissyM™ 2-in-1 Magic Lash-Glue Liner

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