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360° Sun Protection Fashion Summer Hat

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360° Sun Protection Fashion Summer Hat

Head on to any sunny destination in style and serious coverage with this 360° sun protection fashion summer hat!  

This safety sun hat adopts an advanced UPF 50+ fabric that naturally blocks 98% of harmful UVA/UVB rays penetration. Moreover, it features a downward broad-brimmed which successfully shades your face down to your neck with an optimal, 360° protection. Eliminating the risk of pre-aging skin, sun spots, sun burns, eye damages, and skin cancer even as you bask during the summer months. This sun hat comes with a lovely back bowknot and a chic, high-end style for that added glam touch. Perfect for daily wear, beach, pool parties, vacation, traveling, hiking, camping, fishing, gardening, boat rides, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

The summer sun hat is comfortably light and nicely breathable to keep your head and face cool, fresh, and sweat-free all day long. It also has a secured, adjustable chin strap which enables it to stay steadily on the head. Preventing the hat from slipping off or being blown by a strong wind or during any speedy boat rides. No worries as it fits gorgeously to most adult head sizes and can flatter any face shapes. Made with premium, UV resistant polyester fabric that boasts to withstand years of daily wear and washing. 

Stay gorgeously dressed up while still keeping your skin guarded from merciless rays using this 360° sun protection fashion summer hat!


  • Maximum 360° Sun Protection
    A sun safety hat featuring an impressive UPF 50+ fabric that successfully blocks 98% of both harmful UVA and UVB sun’s rays from penetrating the skin. It comes with a well-lined crown and an anti-glare widened brim that offers you with an optimal 360° protection. This sunhat fully shades your face from your forehead, eyes, cheeks, jaws, chin, and down to your neck. Allowing you to confidently stroll and have fun even on sunnier days without the risk of pre-aging skin, sun spots, sun burns, eye damages, skin cancer, and such. 

  • Comfortable to Wear
    This summer sun hat is ultimately lightweight that you wouldn't even remember wearing it on in the first place. It also provides a breathable fabric layer and a mesh-like ventilated crown that allows air to easily and freely circulate through. Keeping your head and face comfortably cool, fresh, and sweat-free at all times even under the scorching heat of summer sun. Moreover, this 360° coverage hat can perfectly sit on top of your head all day long without experiencing irritation, obstruction, headaches, and other discomfort. 
  • Secured Chin Strap
    The wide brim sun hat comes with a handy adjustable elastic drawstring strap to hold it steadily on your head even as you move around. Its chin strap design also ensures that the hat won’t be swept off by strong breeze and lost during the windiest of days or speedy boat rides. Furthermore, it even enables you to take off the hat on your head for a minute while staying accessible. No worries, as this sun hat can fit to most any adult-size head circumference with excellent comfort without being too tight to painfully squeeze.   

  • Widely-Used Sunhat
    This protective headwear accessory is designed with a lovely bowknot that hangs nicely at the back for an added glam touch. It is constructed with a high-end, fashionable style that can step up any clothing and look chic on anyone. Additionally, this sun hat’s stunning, downward wide brim can flatter any face shape and size. Suitable for daily wear, beach, pool parties, vacation, traveling, hiking, camping, fishing, gardening, boat rides, picnics, and other outdoor activities. This elegant summer hat is highly foldable so you can smoothly pack or cart it along to any of your destinations anytime without taking up space! Available in different gorgeous color selections, including khaki, beige, black, yellow, and pink. 

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, thickened polyester fiber fabric material with an exceptional UV resistance and durability. It can withstand multiple years of daily usage and folding without deforming or damaging. This summer sun hat can be also cleaned easily just like any other fabrics and it does not fade through washes.  


  • Color: Black / Beige / Pink / Yellow / Khaki

  • Size: One Size Fits All


  • 1 x 360° Sun Protection Fashion Summer Hat

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