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4D Feather-hair Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers

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4D Feather-hair Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers

Skip the messy, time-consuming eyebrow painting and use these pro eyebrow tattoo stickers! 

A smart, quick-fix beauty makeover that can successfully transform your dull-looking, sparse brows into fuller, flattering ones! Designed with 4D hair-like strokes and vivid pigments that fills in perfectly on your natural brows without the need to shave off.

💖 Every Beginner & Lazy Beauty Needs It 💖

Simply cut out the shape of the sticker, align and tamp it down with a damp cloth or sponge to adhere then gently remove the white paper and done. You can now achieve gorgeously fuller and defined arches anytime without the hassle and messiness of excess ink or powder! Ideal especially for those who are always in a hurry whether you're a beginner, professional, make-up enthusiasts and such. 

💖 One Applications Lasts > 7 Days 💖

These stunning, realistic brow tattoos offer exceptional waterproof performance and staying power that can last for 7 days or more. It does not fade off or smudge even when you sweat, shower, swim or get caught up in heavy rain. Available in different trendy brow shapes from subtle curves to bold high arches to meet your ideal needs. Made with premium, non-harmful ingredients that can be used daily without restraining new brow growths or creating skin irritations.   

Have naturally-looking, filled-in stunning brows in literally seconds with these pro eyebrow tattoo stickers! 


  • Instant 4D Eyebrow Look
    A unique, semi-permanent tattooing solution of styling your boring, sparse eyebrows and turning it on fleek in no time. Featuring fine sticker tattoos of vivid pigment of realistic hair-like strokes that blends and fills in seamlessly into your natural eyebrows. Providing you a neat and fuller salon-worthy eyebrows look without the hassle of messy makeup or the pain of permanent, penetrative tattoos.

  • Long-Lasting Effect
    A week-lasting tattoo that can maintain its natural shape and vividness even when you profusely sweat, shower, swim or get caught up in bad weather and such. These smart cosmetic tattoo sheets come with impressive waterproof pigments that gives-off an excellent staying power. Allowing you to have semi-permanent, gorgeously looking defined brows that won’t easily fade or smudge off even when exposed to water. It No need to retouch every minute anymore unlike with the traditional eyebrow pens and pencils!

  • Quick and Easy Tattooing
    Offer an easy cut-and-stick application which eliminates the struggle and messiness of excess ink or powder all over your face. Simply cut out the shape of the tattoo brow, align them on top of your eyebrows then tamp it down lightly with a damp cloth to stick and hold the tattoos. After that, gently remove the paper and you're good to go. A perfect way to get those envied arches while cutting-out your make-up routine session especially when you're in a hurry! Ideal for beginners, professionals, make-up enthusiasts and so on.

  • Multiple Eyebrow Styles
    These handy eyebrow stickers come in different 4D shapes to meet your perfect match and ideal style. Available in soft arch, subtle arch, high arch, tapered and natural straight style. Great when you're in the mood for a bold arc or a fancy subtle curve for work, dates, anniversaries, parties, festivities, birthdays, travels, or even for daily wear. No worries as all tattoo brow styles can surely flatter any face shape and make your eye more alluring.
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-harmful ingredients that will give you an instant semi-permanent stunning brows tattooing. It holds impressively onto your natural brows without penetrating or creating damage to the root to prevent it from restraining new hair growth. Moreover, these tattoo stickers do not also cause irritations, allergy or any discomfort on the skin even on scarred skin areas.  


  • Brow Style: #1 Soft Arch / #2 Tapered / #3 Natural Straight / #4 High Arch / #5 Subtle Arch / #6 
  • Pairs of brows/set:
    • #1 Soft Arch: 17pairs
    • #2 Tapered: 15 pairs
    • #3 Natural Straight: 14 pairs
    • #4 High Arch: 14 pairs
    • #5 Subtle Arch: 18 pairs
    • #6 Bushy Straight: 12 pairs


  • 1 x 4D Feather-hair Eyebrow Tattoo Stickers

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