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Bead Sequin Premium French Crochet Kit

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Bead Sequin Premium French Crochet Kit

Delve into the fun of tambour sewing and use this creative french embroidery crochet kit!

This beautiful set offers everything you need to create different tambour crochet projects in a breeze. It comes with a sturdy wooden tambour hook, 3 interchangeable needles, transparent mesh fabric, colorful threads and various embellishments such as pearls, sequins, brooch and so on. Providing you an enjoyable activity to freely unleash your creativeness and craftsmanship while keeping your mind relaxed and active. Suitable for creating embroidery, DIY crafts, needlework projects, appliques, decoration for bags, phones, clothes, and more possibilities. 

The french embroidery crochet kit is specially made for your ease of use and safety in mind. It has a light wooden tambour with an ergonomically shaped design for better gripping and maneuverability at all times. Allowing you to use this artistic set on multiple projects for a prolonged period without causing hand fatigue, strains, and other discomfort. Making it a great creative crochet kit for crocheters, DIYers, hobbyists, students, craftsmen and so on. No worries as each item in the package is made with premium materials that can withstand years of daily usage without wearing off.    

Make your own breathtaking embroidery designs and crafts only with this creative french embroidery crochet kit!  


  • Lovely French Crochet Kit
    A complete artistic crochet kit that will get you started in no time and create a plethora of different art works with stunning stitched textures, lines and dazzling shaped beads. The package includes 1 wooden tambour hook, hoop, transparent mesh fabric, 1 beaded sequin box, 10 acrylic drop hand-stitched diamonds, 1 roll of embroidered stereotyped copper wire, 1 roll of gold and silver thread, 10 pearls, 2 Brooch accessories, and 50 vibrant colors embroidery thread. Saving you from the need to run through one shop to another just to get all your needs. No worries as this set also comes with 3 interchangeable needles heads with a diameter of 0.7, 0.9, and 1 mm to meet your various crafting projects.

  • Ergonomic Design
    Each item in the set is professionally made with your convenience and safety in mind for a neat, seamless crocheting. The tambour hook is lightweight and it features a non-slip, contoured shaped handle that is specially designed to fit the hand comfortably. Providing you a well secured gripping and maximum maneuverability. You can confidently finish multiple projects in a day efficiently without experiencing hand fatigue, strains, and other discomfort.

  • Wide Application
    This creative french crochet set allows you to create various works of arts! Suitable for making embroidery, DIY crafts, needlework projects, appliques, decoration for bags, phones, clothes, and other art projects at home, school or personal. The crochet kit’s included transparent mesh fabric can also make your creation more outstandingly 3D. Additionally, the different sequins and colorful threads will surely create a gorgeous, whimsical appearance to your canvases.   

  • Fun Creative Activity
    The embroidery crochet kit comes with everything you need to satisfy your endless creativity. It serves as a fun activity that you could do in your spare time to relax while keeping your mind active. Perfect for solo or crafting with friends or family to improve and strengthen your bonds more. Make versatile stitches, from basic chain stitch to adding different embellishments, such as beads, sequins, feathers, and so on.

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, splinter-free materials with excellent durability and strength that can withstand years of use without damaging. Moreover, the tambour hook and 3 needles does not rust off easily even with daily usage unlike with other products. Ideal for beginners or professional crocheters, DIYers, hobbyists, students, craftsmen and so on.   
  • Material: Beads, sequins, needles, yarns
  • 12 x color yarns
  • 1 x bead sequin box
  • 3 x needles
  • 1 x pen
  • 1 x frame

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