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Pearlescent Silk Shiny Glitter Stockings Pantyhose

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Pearlescent Silk Shiny Glitter Stockings Pantyhose

Jazz up your overall look and strut down the streets like a fashion model using these sexy pearlescent silk high waist stockings!

This pair of stockings comes in a stylish pearlescent design that can give your legs the perfect blend of shimmer and attractiveness. It makes your leg curve even sexier while providing an additional glamorous, luxe look that can surely draw anyone’s attention. Moreover, the stunning stockings can be mixed and matched with any outfit styles and glitzy accessories. Making even your most basic OOTDs to pop out more without being overly excessive. Suitable to be worn under any dresses, colorful skirts, shorts, ripped jeans, and more possibilities.  

The sexy high waist stockings offer an excellent breathability with close-fitting, elastic features. It can seamlessly hug the curves of all legs sizes and stretch ideally at any movements for a comfortable wearing experience. Preventing it from creating any unwanted band marking, restrictions and tight skin digging. Furthermore, these stylish pearlescent stockings have anti-slipping abilities that secure it from falling or creating awkward lumps anytime. Made with premium nylon fabric that can withstand years of wearing without fading, running or threading.     

Add an extra flair of sparkle to amp up your ensemble with these sexy pearlescent silk high waist stockings!  


  • Pearlescent Silk Stockings
    A fine translucent high-waisted hosiery designed with a stunning pearlescent shimmer that can surely grab everyone’s attention wherever you are. It can enhance the curve of your legs and make its appearance more lustrous and alluring with a dash of subtle sexiness. It is also a great fashion accessory that lets you bring elegance to any outfit and even allows them to pop out more. Available different stylish colors, including black, apricot, gray and white that would look lovely in any skin tones.

  • Comfortable Fitting
    This captivating stockings offers a close-fitting feature with excellent breathability and elasticity. Allowing it to be worn for a prolonged period without sacrificing comfort even as you sit, walk or bend your legs. Preventing any band markings, restrictions and tight skin digging. Moreover, the pair has a wider waist area and a better anti-slipping capabilities that secures it from falling down or creating awkward lumps and rolls.

  • Super Elasticity
    The sparkly pearlescent stockings supply an impressive elasticity and proper compression that can stretch perfectly to your leg movements. It makes walking easier and comfortable even if it's worn unlike other tight hosiery. What’s more? It can hug fittingly to any leg sizes and feet without damaging or loosening after use.

  • Perfect Mix and Match
    This stunning tights has an outstanding versatility that can complement with any outfit style or be accessorizing with glitzy jewels without looking excessive. Providing you a glamorous, luxe touch that can wonderfully step up your overall appearance. Suitable to be styled under lovely dresses, colorful skirts, shorts, ripped jeans, and more possibilities. You can wear it whether for a sparkly nighttime ensemble, sexy getup or charming attire for dates, parties, festivities, christmas, halloween, photoshoot, cosplays, dinners, vacations, galas, proms, and so much more.   

  • Premium Material
    Made of high-quality core-spun silk fabric material with great sheer and elasticity that seamlessly embraces the curve of the legs. It also boasts an outstanding durability that enables it to withstand years of use and multiple washes without fading, running, or threading. Additionally, the stockings do not easily shrink and they don't even deform or loosen unlike other products. 
  • Material: Core-spun silk
  • Size: Free
  • 1 x Pearlescent Silk Shiny Glitter Stockings Pantyhose

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