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LashBloom™ Eyelash Volumizing Growth Serum

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LashBloom™ Eyelash Volumizing Growth Serum

Let’s Take A Look At Our Happy Customers’ Gorgeous Lengthen Eyelashes With This Eyelash Volumizing Growth Serum!

Allison Jones, 34, Memphis, Tennessee

“I was born with natural sparse, straight eyelashes that I always get embarrassed about. I’ve already tried castor oils and other lengthening serums, but unfortunately I’m not seeing results with any of them. A friend of mine had recommended me this lash growth serum which I was reluctant to try at first due to my multiple failed attempts before. But this product has really proven me wrong! In just a few days I could already see new lash growths on my lash line and even notice how my lashes look and feel so moisturized. This lash growth serum is also easy to apply and it does not need any special care for it to work. Upon using it for only a couple of weeks, my eyelashes had notably shown an increase in length and density that no other product could ever! Not only that, but I also see improvements with the way it feels more stronger and how it looks so much healthier unlike before. I no longer need to spend countless hours sticking falsies every morning before I go out! This product is a true game-changer and I proudly recommend it to everyone.” 


Margot Williams, 27, Dallas, Texas

“I have short and thinned lashes which I actually don’t pay much attention to until lately when I noticed that more and more lash had been falling out with no growths. I was so alarmed that I ended up doing research online which had got me with this well-reviewed lash serum. This product has a dual-head feature which allows me to apply easily on my lash line and also directly on my eyelashes. I was impressed that in only 5 or more days there has already been an increase in length and a few growths popping in. I was glad that this serum does not leave irritations and is also highly hydrating for my lashes. For about 3 weeks of regular application, my eyelashes had never experienced breakage or falling out anymore. And it also looks so volumized and longer now that I don’t even need to wear mascara anymore. The sparse areas are neatly filled with the new, stronger growths and it was so nicely done that no one would ever know that I have short, parsing lashes before. Already bought another one for my mother who also has the same condition as me. 10/10 I will continue using it!”

🔎What Causes Short or Thinning Lashes?

Eyelashes are the fine fringe of curved hairs that line and grow along the line of the upper and lower eyelids. Serving as an excellent protection for the eyes against infections, dust, dirts and various airborne particles. Just like the hair in our scalp, eyelashes grow in 3 different stages, including the anagen phase (growth stage), catagen phase (transition stage), and telogen phase (resting stage). And while some people are normally born with “shorter than average” eyelashes, some, if not most are caused by multiple factors and can also experience levels of shedding or thinning. Though eyelashes grow, fall out, and replace themselves in a natural cycle every 6 to 10 weeks, an abnormal, rapid lash loss or excessive fallout is not something to be ignored about. Most common reasons for unusual eyelash loss and thinning are due to aging, cosmetic irritations, poor beauty habits, blepharitis, trichotillomania, madarosis, alopecia areata, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, and more possibilities.

Eyelashes grow with the support of proper care and a good nutrition that’s being “fed” to them to encourage a continuous, faster and longer hair production stage. They also developed with the help of amino acids, which are needed to provide keratin, a fibrous structural protein of hair. Providing you with lengthened and fuller looking eyelashes while remaining healthy and strong. Lashes are considered as one of the attractive physical assets in the face and a powerful weapon for a perfectly framed and brighter eyes appearance. That is why we introduce instant lash growth nutrition serum! An at-home quick fix treatment that can naturally boost length, volume, and strength of your lashes with just a  few weeks of regular application!   

✨Simplify Your Morning Routine And Wake Up With The Best Naturally Longer And Fuller Lashes With Our Lash Growth Serum! ✨

This powerful blend of serum contains active lash lifting and thickening ingredients that successfully penetrate and nourish each lash follicles from root to tip. Infusing the lashes their much-needed proteins to support a healthier, rapid growth and extended anagen stage. In addition, this serum reinforces each lash structure and repairs already damaged ones while replacing fallen lashes. Preventing further breakage and thinning problems for a more gorgeously-looking fuller and longer lashes that would make everyone envy. This stellar nutrient serum also provides the lashes with a coveted built-in curl that would make you dismiss your daily curling routine!

The lash serum also supplies a great combination of moisturization and conditioning properties. It naturally quenches and locks in proper hydration to your thirsty lashes which enhances their texture, flexibility, and appearance with an added shine. Moreover, this serum is 100% formulated to work well and safely to all skin-types to avoid irritations, redness, and other discomfort. It is designed in a convenient dual-headed feature which enables you to easily apply to your upper and lower lash line as well as directly to the lashes. This fine product comes with excellent consistency and distributes enough formula without the need to re-dip into the tube again and again. Achieve the lash looks of your dreams with just 3 weeks or less of regular application of this serum!

🌿Key Ingredients Of Instant Lash Growth Nutrition Serum:

  • Ginseng - which is also known as Korean red ginseng is a powerful natural stimulant for hair growth and an effective air thickener. It is packed with ginsenosides and gintonin compounds which actively work and complement each other to provide numerous, effective health and hair beneficial effects. Ginseng can successfully stimulate the hair follicle growth of each individual eyelash and promotes natural regeneration. Improving the density and length of your natural lashes for a more stunning, fuller look. It also assists in strengthening the hair follicles from the root to tip which enhances the look and overall health of the lashes. Furthermore, ginseng triggers various cell-signaling pathways to prevent thinning and fallout-causing breakage. 
  • Multiflower Knotweed - is one of the most popular herbs used in traditional Chinese medicine since ancient years. It has a powerful anti-aging hair-blackening ability which keeps hair from graying and restoring its natural bright color. Moreover, knotweed also acts as an excellent lash-loss blocker thanks to its eyelash growth stimulating effect. It naturally increases the number of hair follicles in the lash and encourages healthy, reinforced growth. Providing you with a longer and thickened eyelash appearance in no time.  
  • Hyaluronic Acid - is infused with active growth-enhancing properties that would drastically improve your eyelash game to the next level. It seriously creates fullness for your eyelashes while also developing individual strength. Preventing your lashes from being prone to damage or fallouts. Hyaluronic acid offers an outstanding combination of moisturizing performance and nourishing peptides. It locks out the proper amount of moisture to hydrate and deliver a stunning, shine to your lashes. Thus, making your lashes more beautifully healthy-looking. 
  • Vitamin E - is an all-rounder ingredient that helps the overall health, look, and feel of eyelashes. It is a great antioxidant that works timelessly to protect the cell membrane from any free radical damage that contributes to lash and hair loss or thinning. Vitamin E also works in moisturizing and strengthening to deliver a more improved texture and softer feel lashes. In addition, it provides nutrients and encourages a healthy blood circulation for a more rapid hair growth. 
  • Amino Acid - is one of a famous ingredient found in lash serums thanks to its elements that helps to accelerate its natural growth and extend its growth phase period. Moreover, chains of amino acids form peptides and proteins which actively supply the lashes their much needed nutrients to grow healthily. Speeding up cell renewal as well as improving the lashes strength with an added boost in elasticity and shine. Amino acids even help in nourishing and repairing already damaged lash hair.  
  • 🔎Check Out Kinsley’s 3 Week Journey To A Beautifully Lengthened and Thickened Lash:

    "I’ve always struggled with awkwardly short and thinned eyelashes since way before. I was actually embarrassed that even my guy colleagues had longer and curled lush lashes than mine and envied it. I always had to put on multiple coats of mascara to atleast make my lashes appear longer and stand out. But it was always a hassle applying it every time I went out and not to mention how hard it is to remove the dried clumps after a long day which is also one of the reasons for my damaged lash. I found this lash growth serum upon looking online for some low-priced, yet effective solution. And I was pleasantly surprised with how immediate and amazing its effects are!"  


    "For as fast as 5 days this product had already shown significant results with how my lashes had turned so moisturized. I also noticed new growths already on my lash line and some gradual lengthening effects. This serum is completely odorless and it does not weigh down my lashes when applied on. Moreover, both the felt tip head and lash head are easier to use so applying it on my lash line, under-eye lash line, and my lashes is a breeze. It is just like applying eyeliner and mascara!"

    Week 2

    "After another week, the improvements in length and density are much more visible now. My lashes also feel strengthened that I no longer experience any breakage or fallouts. I haven't noticed any adverse effects from using it even till now which is a huge plus to me since I have horrible allergic reactions. All in all my eyelashes are actually looking so fine now, but since I wanted to see its full potential, I’ll still continue on using it." 

    Week 3

    "3 weeks and still impressed with this product’s WOW factor effects! I love how it is so consistent and how nicely it fills in and lengthened my eyelashes. It delivers a dramatic root to tip lifted and fuller appearance without it looking unnatural. It also protects my lashes from further breakage and even provides a gorgeous, healthy shine. I no longer have to feel so self-conscious with my eyelashes anymore. I even receive compliments from my colleagues and friends, asking me if I had extensions done with how good my lashes are now. I’m so thankful for this product! I highly recommend it!"  

    ~Kinsley Anderson, 25, Iowa, USA


    • Promote a naturally long and fuller lashes in just 3 weeks
    • Effectively prevents lash thinning, breakage, and sparse look
    • Encourages a faster natural lash growth and regeneration
    • Strengthens follicles from root to tip for an optimize a healthy lash structure
    • Seals in much-needed moisturization to condition and hydrate each lash
    • Develops each lash with a stunning built-in curls
    • Enhances lash texture, flexibility, and appearance with an added healthy shine
    • Blended with 100% natural, skin-loving products 
    • Offers a smart dual-headed design for a much quicker and easier usage
    • Recommended usage: Apply it daily. We recommend applying pack of 5 for the best result. ( 8 weeks as a complete treatment, amount of packs required varies with the severity of eyelashes loss. )
    • 1/2/3/5pcs x LashBloom™ Eyelash Volumizing Growth Serum

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