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Instant Leg Slimming Tights

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Instant Leg Slimming Tights

Emphasize your curves and drop excess fat in a breeze with these leg shaping compression tights! 

Don't let the cold weather put a DAMPER on your style! With these fuzzy, fleece-lined tights you'll be able to rock those cute outfits no matter how frigid it is outside. This unique pantyhose create the illusion that your legs are showing through the nylon while they are actually covered up underneath a warm layer of soft goodness. Furthermore, it can compress the body without awkward bulging and be worn seamlessly under any outfits like dresses, skirts, pants and shorts.   

A chic, snug-fitting tights that INSTANTLY sculpts and hides excess fats and unwanted sagging skin from your legs up to the abdomen. Providing you with slim, elongated legs, flattened stomach and a natural booty lift appearance that would surely enhance your figure more. This shaping stockings can also conceal dark spots, leg hair, bruises, scars and other imperfections. Allowing you to have flawlessly looking slender legs that even a model would envy. 

Bless your legs with a slim, supermodel long appearance and slip into these  leg shaping compression tights!


  • Instant Leg Slimming
    A fine, stretchy tights that fits snuggly from your feet, legs, and up to the abdomen which  successfully firm up excess fats and sagging skin. Providing you an instant leg slimming and natural booty lift that would surely make your shape more slender and flattering. It also gives an illusion to make your legs appear ideally longer than before. What’s more? This shaping tight can effectively hide unwanted dark spots, leg hair, bruises, scars and other imperfections. It keeps your figure slim while also letting your legs look flawlessly smooth and unblemished that every lady would envy. 

  • Fake Translucent Pantyhose
    This leg shaping stocking features an inner thickened fleece fabric with a trendy faux translucent design outer layer. It hugs your legs perfectly and looks fashionably sheer while trapping a pleasant heat to provide you ample warmth and comfort. Keeping your legs protected and covered even from chilly wintry wind when the temperature drops.    

  • Excellent Pressure Stocking
    This slimming stockings does not only shape up your body, but it also creates a consistent, even compression on both legs and abdomen. It helps to promote a healthy blood circulation in the feet and legs and allows it to flow back smoothly towards the heart. Preventing you from experiencing water retention, blood clogging, inflammation, varicose veins, leg aches and fatigue. 

  • Highly Comfortable
    The shaping tights offer an impressively lightweight and breathable fabric with a comfortable, snug-fitting design. It also adopts an exceptional stretchy quality which allows it to fit onto different leg shapes and supply a proper compression without squeezing. You can wear it for a prolonged period without causing any irritations, discomfort or restricting your movements. Moreover, these leggings are equipped with a wide elastic, no-roll waistband. Allowing it to hold tight onto your waist without it constantly slipping, wrinkling or sliding off even as you move, walk or run. 
  • Seamless Look 
    These compression tights embrace the legs, stomach and hips like a second skin. It can compress and sculpt your figure without creating any awkward bulges or binding unlike with other stockings. It can perfectly get the best out of your legs and be worn under shorts, pants, skirts, school uniform, mini skirt, pencil skirt, dresses and more possibilities. Available in colors black and skin tone which you can mix and match onto different outfit styles.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, ultra-thin tight knitted carbon fiber cloth and intimate foot cover with an amazing high-stretch and compression. It also boasts an exceptional run-resistant which prevents it from easily snagging and ripping. No worries as it can maintain its tight, stretchy shape even when worn and washed after multiple times.


  • Style: Non-Fleece - 85g / Thick Fleece - 220g

  • Color: Black / Grey / Coffee / Beige


  • 1 x Sexy Fake Translucent Pantyhose

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