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Pro Beauty Magnetic Lash Kit

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Pro Beauty Magnetic Lash Kit

Effortlessly line and lash in a blink with this pro beauty magnetic lash kit!

A 3-in-1 perfect pack of lashes, magnetic liner and a handy lash applicator tool that lets you step up your eye beauty game in no time. The included liner contains a magnetic-like adhesion that lets you quickly snap your falsies in place without the need of messy glues. Moreover, the unique magnetic liner also serves as makeup eyeliner that draws a fine stroke of your desired style. Perfect for creating classic cat eye, subtle line, winged liner, smoky look, and more possibilities. Simply draw your eyeliner on your lids, rest the lashes on top of it using the applicator tool and you're done.   

The fine lashes and magnetic liner adopts a long-wearing performance that enables them to hold flawlessly all day and night. Preventing the lashes from falling off or losing shape and the liner from smudging, fading, or smearing away. Additionally, they also provide exceptional water-proof qualities that can withstand sweat, water, rain and other liquids. No worries as both the lashes and eyeliner can be easily removed without leaving any sticky residues or causing irritations. All items in the kit are made with premium materials and are 100% approved safe for use to avoid any eye potential injury or harm. 

Have a fuss-free false lashes application anytime using only this pro beauty magnetic lash kit!


  • Easy Glue-Free Application
    An ultimate eye beauty kit that comes with fine pairs of lashes, magnetic liner and a handy lash applicator tool. The liner provides an impressive magnetic-like adhesion that boasts an instant strong hold to any lashes that you placed on totally mess-free. Saving you from the hours and struggle of the traditional gluing of falsies that only leaves irritations and gunky residues behind. Simply swipe a proper amount of liner onto your lids the way you draw your eyeliner, rest the eyelashes on top of it using the applicator tool and you're good to go. This kit offers various styles of lashes, including cat eye, natural lash and barbie lash. Perfect whether you're going for a dramatic look, subtle or a touch of sultriness. 

  • Line in Seconds
    The magnetic liner does not only hold your false lashes in place, but it also serves as an excellent makeup eyeliner. Featuring a flex-tip that can neatly and smoothly draw through the contour of your eyes without any skipping. You can now stably stroke and define your eyes with your desired aesthetic appearance. Suitable for a subtle line, winged liner, smoky look, and more possibilities.   

  • Long-Wearing Performance
    The lashes and liner have a powerful magnetic attraction that can stay secured on your lids and hold their lash shape throughout the day and night. No worries as each eyelash style can rest on your eyes perfectly weightless that you won’t even feel them on even when you blink. The magnetic liner also adopts a lasting performance that won’t smudge, fade, or smear away in the middle of the day or your partying. What’s more? Both the lashes and eyeliner have an excellent water-proof function. They can remain flawless and stunning for as long as you need even through the hottest day of summer or rainy season.     

  • Quick Removal
    The eye lashes can be removed in 1 swift using the applicator tool or even by hand without leaving any sticky residues behind. These lashes do not also create any painful sensation or other discomfort once removed. Moreover, the magnetic liner can be cleaned easily with any makeup remover and cotton pads. Saving you from the harmful wiping back and forth to take off stubborn makeup liners.  

  • Premium Quality
    Made with quality synthetic fibers that supplies an exceptional lasting power and  lash-like flexibility. The eyeliner contains skin-friendly ingredients and micro magnetic particles that won’t wear-off in any situations unlike with the harmful glues and dirty adhesives. Furthermore, all items in this 3-in-1 kit are 100% approved safe for use and won’t damage the eyes.    


  • 1. Draw with the eyeliner pen.
  • 2. Apply the magnetic lashes when the eyeliner is half way dry.
  • 3. Align the magnetic eyelashes in the perfect position.


  • Material: Magnet


  • 1 x Magnetic Eyeliner-Lashes Set (3 pairs)
  • 1 x 5ml Liquid Eyeliner

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