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Mini Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat-bowl

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Mini Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat-bowl

Give your beauty tool a good cleaning using only this mini makeup brush cleaning mat-bowl! 

This cleaner is designed with a gentle multi-textured bottom that can effectively scrub away all stubborn dirt and residues in a swift while protecting your fine brush bristles from getting damaged or frayed. Suitable for blush brush, concealer brush, loose powder brush, eye brushes, and even your blender puffs. You can use it as a flat pad to de-gunk your tool when doing makeup and unfold it after so you can use it as a cleaning container.

♥ How to use it ♥

Simply pour a liquid soap then add some water, scrub your stained brushes or sponge to cleanse and done. No worries as this scrub bowl can deeply remove debris without damaging your beauty tool’s bristles. 

♥ Silicone is brush-friendly & bacteria-free♥

The makeup brush scrubber is light and can be folded flat anytime so you can effortlessly carry it anytime, anywhere. Perfect for when you're at home or when you go on travels, business trips, vacations, and such. This scrubbing bowl is made of a durable, non-toxic silicone that can withstand long years of cleaning without breaking. Its cosmetic-friendly & non-stick surface is easy to clean, completely avoiding bacteria accumulation caused by foundation stains or any makeup residue. Ideal for all makeup artists, cosmetic lovers, and professional beauty salons.

Bring your cosmetic brushes on its tip-top shape with this mini makeup brush cleaning bowl! 


  • Multi-textured Brush Deep Cleaner
    A foldable silicone scrubbing bowl with gentle textured waves and ridges at the bottom
    . Providing your makeup brushes a safe and thorough cleaning in just a simple scrubbing motion. It helps to prevent your beauty tools from building up dirt and bacterias which might cause acne and annoying breakouts. You can collapse it flat and use it as a pad to de-gunk your brush as you doll up or utilize it as a cleaning container filled with water.   

  • Wide Application
    Its multi-textured design works for a variety of brush purifying needs. It features arrows, vertical strips, crescent moon, and small dots that remove all stubborn cosmetic residues. Suitable for blush brush, concealer brush, loose powder brush, eye brushes, and even your blender puffs.

  • Easiest 2-way Cleaning!
    You may sweep and swirl your brush on the textured mat, or unfold it as a mini cleaning bowl! Simply drop a cleaning liquid to the bowl, pour a proper amount of water. Gently scrub your soiled brushes or puffs then rinse it off and you're done! Ideal for beginners, makeup artists, beauty lovers, salons, and so on.

  • Portable Design
    This scrub bowl is lightweight and extremely compact which allows it to be carried easily anytime, anywhere. You can smoothly fold it flat and put it inside your pouches, handbag, makeup kits, backpacks and so on. Perfect for when you're at home or when you go on travels, business trips, vacations, and such. It also has a convenient hanging hole so you can store it without taking up space after use and quickly retrieve it when needed.
  • Premium Material
    Made of a high-quality food-grade, cosmetic-friendly silicone material that can deeply clean your brushes without damaging its bristles. It boasts durability and has drop-resistance that can withstand long years of cleaning with no visible wear or deformation. Moreover it does not release any harmful chemicals that can affect your beauty tools. 


  • Material: Silicone
  • Size: 11 x 15cm x 4.5cm
  • Thickness (Folded): 1.5cm
  • Color: purple, pink
  • Net weight(Brush cleaning agent): 80ml


  • 1 x  Mini Makeup Brush Cleaning Mat-bowl OR
  • 1 x Makeup Brush Cleaning Agent

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