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Professional Sewing Magnetic Seam Guide

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Professional Sewing Magnetic Seam Guide

Achieve the perfect even seams with each sew using this professional sewing magnetic seam guide!

This handy metal guide allows you to effortlessly and quickly create neat, straight stitchings at all times without the need of any markings. Featuring a built-in powerful magnetism that enables it to be mounted securely on any metal throat plate even as you sew. Preventing it from making even a single budge and getting your stitches off track to prevent mistakes. An ideal sewing tool for assisting sewers, quilters and crafters of all skill levels. Perfect for big or small sewing projects for home, personal crafts, school projects, work, business and so on. 

The magnetic seam guide can be attached on all sewing machines of different models with metal throat plates. Simply determine first the allowance that you need, then place the guide on top of the metal plate to secure and you can now start sewing. Moreover, this seam guide does not contain any harmful materials that might scratch or damage your sewing machine and fabrics. Suitable for old or modern sewing machine’s, including Janome, Singer, Baby Lock, Brother, Bernina, Juki and more possibilities.  

Why struggle with uneven stitches when you can sew straight seams right away with this magnetic seam guide!


  • Excellent Sewing Guide
    A high-performance seam guide that can be attached easily to any metal stitch plate and helps you sew neat and accurate straight stitchings. Keeping your seam allowances perfectly equal at all times while saving you from the struggle and frustrations of sewing straight. Making it an ideal assistance for creating different sewing projects to all sewers, quilters and crafters of all skill levels. 

  • Non-Slip Powerful Magnetism
    This handy seam guide offers an unparalleled magnetic hold that enables it to stay securely firm in one place. It allows you to confidently sew your fabrics without the metal guide constantly sliding or getting repositioned. Saving your stitches from getting off track to prevent mistakes and unwanted uneven stitching. Perfect for those sewing with longer fabric lengths or those with heavier or fleece garments. Moreover, its magnetic features also permits easier mounting, positioning and dismounting anytime you need!

  • Easy Installation
    The magnetic seam guide can be mounted to the throat plate without any more tools or complicated installations needed. Simply determine first the seam allowance that you desire for accurate placement, then mount the magnetic guide to the sewing machine’s throat plate, and you're now ready to sew straight stitch lines.  

  • Universal Compatibility
    This professional seam guide can be attached stably onto any sewing machines of different models with metal throat plates. Suitable for household, work or school sewing machines such as Janome, Singer, Baby Lock, Brother, Bernina, Juki and more possibilities. No worries as this magnetic seam guide does not leave scratches, damages or even ruining your machine’s performance. 
  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic metal material with an ultra-strong built-in magnetism. It provides an excellent durability and toughness that can withstand years of daily sewing without damaging or deforming. This seam guide does not also contain any harmful edges or material that might snag or ruin your fabric as you sew. It comes in a 2 piece set and can be neatly stashed into your sewing kit or drawers without taking up much space. 


  • Weight: 0.41 oz (11.7 gm)
  • Material: stainless steel
  • Size:  1 ¾ * ¾ * ¼ inch


  • 1 x Professional Sewing Magnetic Seam Guide


    x Professional Sewing Magnetic Seam Guides

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